Emissions / Noise level

There are strict legal limiting values concerning emissions of office systems. These values concerning heat, noise and substances such as ozone and dust must be achieved in order for safety approvals and environmental certificates to be awarded.

TA Triumph-Adler systems fall within these prescribed limits for all emission types (ozone, dust and TVOC*), often by a considerable margin.


TA Triumph-Adler products comply with all the necessary regulated safety standards and regularly achieve environmental certificate status from accredited bodies such as Blue Angel, ENERGY STAR and RoHS.


The results of these tests are documented in detail in the respective environment data sheets for the individual systems and can be viewed/downloaded here.


In addition to the positive emission values, the low noise level of our products leads to a pleasant work climate. Our systems are equipped with "stand-by" or "sleep" mode that eliminates noise almost completely while at rest, and many models now include “quiet mode” which reduces noise considerably during operation.


Overall, TA Triumph-Adler ensures a comfortable and productive work environment whilst also protecting the global environment.