Energy/Power Consumption

The energy consumption of electrical appliances is one important factor concerning their ecological efficiency. In recent years, considerable progress has been made regarding the minimisation of the energy consumption of multifunction copiers and printers. This is vital for the protection of our natural resources.

In 1992 the US Office for Environmental Protection started the Energy Star® programme. In 2003 this programme was officially ratified in the European Union. It covers standards regarding energy consumption of systems in the so-called stand-by mode. Since July 2009 revised and more stringent requirements have applied, only systems that fulfil these standards can bear the "Energy Star" mark.

All our products (post 2003) carry the Energy Star symbol indicating particularly low energy consumption when not in active use.


Power consumption – ERP

The European Directive ErP 2009/125/EC dates of 21st October 2009. It repeals the previous Directive 2005/32/EC: EuP and is intended to improve the energy efficiency of all energy related products (ErP).

To improve energy efficiency and environmental protection, the ErP Directive which, as part of CE marking applies to products that affect energy consumption throughout their life cycle, from manufacture, use, and until their end of life.

This directive encourages manufacturers to offer products designed to reduce their overall impact on the environment, including the resources consumed during manufacture and disposal.

Click here for TA Triumph-Adler product information concerning power consumption in stand-by and off mode.

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