General Information

We face the challenge of reconciling this responsibility with the reliability of our products. The materials we use are characterised by low energy consumption and a high... more

Emissions/Noise Levels

These values are fixed and checked by the Rhineland-Westphalia Technical Inspection Agency in Essen in accordance with the RAL UZ122 standard. Our products fall within these... more


All of the types of toner that we use are tailored to the different requirements of our systems. TA Triumph-Adler original toner is neither toxic nor carcinogenic, so when used... more

Energy Consumption

Considerable progress has been made over the past few years in terms of minimising the energy consumption of printers, fax machines and copier systems. This is vital in order... more

Waste Disposal/Packaging

The packaging statute enacted in 1991 introduced a further necessary step in terms of protecting our resources of raw materials. Since that time, it has been possible to reduce... more


All our standard paper systems can effortlessly process high-quality paper types that meet the DIN 19309 ‘Paper for Copying Purposes’ quality standard. This... more

Power Consumption (ErP)

Provides you with information about power consumption for stand-by and/or off mode. more