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Turnaround at the same thime as reorientation

TA Triumph-Adler achieves positive semi-annual result and transforms itself into an information manager for SMEs more


Cloud complete package for output management

TA Triumph-Adler and Pironet NDH agree on a partnership - all inclusive solutions for small and medium sized companies more


IT & Business and DMS EXPO. TA Triumph-Adler shows two sides of the coin

Specialist for document and information management shows future-oriented concepts for mobile and cloud printing, as well as... more


TA Triumph-Adler on a growth curve

Successful conclusion of financial year 2013/2014 - restructuring shows positive results - new positioning of the brand to IT system integrator more


TA Triumph-Adler presents integration model for successful hospital management

Lecture at the Congress of Capital Medicine and Health: "Strategic risk management as a success factor for tehe hospital of the future". more


TA Triumph-Adler Parent Company Joins Mopria Alliance as an Executive Member

KYOCERA Document Solutions Inc. confirms its goal of pursuing a standardized print environment from Mobile Devices. more


Specialised trade brand UTAX with new growth strategy

Strengthening of the indirect channel through amalgamation with TA Triumph-Adler GmbH more


The snack victory

Intersnack Group and TA Triumph-Adler: partners in the document business – individual service concept and high-performance systems promote growth more


TA Triumph-Adler at CeBIT 2014:
Print Management of the Highest Level

Nuremberg, 10 March 2014. At CeBIT, TA Triumph-Adler will be presenting the new version of the soon-to-be-released TA Cockpit, the multiple-award-winning... more


Securely into the Cloud with High-performance Managed Services from TA Triumph-Adler

Nuremberg, 10 March 2014. Just in time for CeBIT, the firm Triumph-Adler GmbH is launching its new, expanded portfolio of services. The company is thus positioning itself as a provider of.... more


CeBIT 2014: TA Triumph-Adler showcases mobile working models made in Germany

Nuremberg, 11 February 2014. Increased networking of workflows and greater digitisation are already changing the way in which we work in offices. At this year's CeBIT, TA... more


TA Triumph-Adler supplies Sana clinics with a Germany-wide service concept

Nuremberg, 4 February 2014. A consistent document management service concept for 48 clinics helps Sana Kliniken AG to save around EUR 2.3 million in one year. To do this, the... more


How organisations and authorities can secure information and documents in a legally compliant manner across borders

Nuremberg, 23.01.2014. Kurt Berthold, TA Triumph-Adler GmbH General Manager Consulting & Solution Experts CSE, on the occasion of European Data Protection Day: Whether in... more


Schuss Office Systems becomes TA Triumph-Adler Österreich

Vienna / Nuremberg, 23 January 2014. The Schuss Office Systems GmbH has been operating since 1 December 2013 as TA Triumph-Adler Österreich GmbH. Thus the complete service... more


TA Triumph-Adler expands its headquarters

Nuremberg, 05.12.2013. TA Triumph-Adler GmbH has set itself the goals of achieving even greater customer proximity and offering the best possible service quality. The document... more


Jeschke Spedition speeds up its processes and optimises consignment query management

Nuremberg, 23 October 2013. The memory of having to file freight documents and archive customs records manually and subsequently having to retrieve the necessary papers under... more


Strategic partnership between TA Triumph-Adler and Computacenter pays off

Nuremberg, 07.10.2013. The strategic partnership between specialists in document business, TA Triumph-Adler GmbH, and Computacenter AG & Co. oHG, Europe's leading... more


Reorganisation at TA Triumph-Adler

    Nuremberg, 1 August 2013. TA Triumph-Adler GmbH reorganises its corporate structure and direct sales processes. As of 1 August, Hans Jörgen Andersen is... more


Paperless office at Eucaro Buntmetall

    Nuremberg, 17 July 2013. Icebreakers, submarines and cruise ships use copper-nickel alloys from Eucaro Buntmetall GmbH, which are designed to withstand the... more


TA Triumph-Adler’s top tips to prevent data theft from printers

Statement by Christopher Rheidt, Vice President TA Triumph-Adler GmbH on the position of the typewriter industry on the publication of the dpa report on 17 July 2013 more


TA Triumph-Adler and GWS combine their expertise

Modern merchandise management systems can now be linked to print landscapes quickly and easily more


Star quality from TA Triumph-Adler

The typewriter plays a starring role in the film "Populaire" more


11th BGF healthcare forum in Munich

TA Triumph-Adler presents cost-optimised hospital concepts more


Seamless transfer of photos to digital files using a mobile app

TA Triumph-Adler GmbH, Germany's market leader in the document business, has developed a mobile photo documentation app specifically intended for hospitals and care facilities. more


TA Cockpit® makes the delivery chain transparent

Asset and system management tool TA Cockpit®. It covers the entire delivery chain for consumables more


The "Katholische Kliniken Ruhrhalbinsel" hospital relies on consistent document processes

Nuremberg, 8/2/2013. TA Triumph-Adler GmbH, Germany's market leader in the document business, presents its integrated Managed Document Services at this year's CeBIT. more


CeBIT 2013: Focus on Managed Document Services for the healthcare and logistics industries as well as public authorities

TA Triumph-Adler GmbH, the market leader in the document business in Germany, will present integrated Managed Document Services (MDS) for the healthcare industry, logistics organisations and the publi more


Efficiency 2013 – achieve competitive advantages with Managed Document Services

Those who aspire to optimal and efficient document management, should opt for easy-to-use and consistent Managed Document Services (MDS). more


Job done! Optimised workflow in document management

TA Triumph-Adler launches the new digital archiving concept MFP2Archive for multi-function devices in the office more


Document management

The long-established Nuremberg company is today the specialist in the document business, designing customised modular solutions that are both device-independent and brand-independent. Guiscardo Pin, M more


Award-winning design:

The first three sponsored projects supported by the Triumph-Adler ‘Triumph für Kinder’ foundation are run by the Nuremberg ‘Alliance for the Family’. more


10.11.2009: With TA Triumph-Adler, public authorities save at least 20 % of their printing costs

Reducing costs, increasing efficiency and setting standards – these are the objectives of public authority modernisation. Outsourcing certain tasks to external suppliers... more


23.09.2009: Innovative document solution from TA Triumph-Adler enables significant cost reduction at University Hospital

Patient care at the highest level – this is the priority at the Saarland University Hospital. Because clinics and hospitals are being subjected to ever-increasing cost... more


15.09.2009: TA Triumph-Adler sponsors office systems for the LIEBHERR European Table Tennis Championships

Topspin, counterball and flip are once again the operative words at the LIEBHERR European Table Tennis Championships in Stuttgart, where top players vie for the coveted titles... more


02.09.2009: TA Triumph-Adler West shows logistics representatives ways of getting through the economics crisis

These are difficult times for the logistics industry. As the third-largest economic sector in Germany, logistics has been hit particularly hard by the effects of the economic... more


27.08.2009: TA Triumph-Adler is committed to high-quality training

The trainees of today are the economic resources of tomorrow – and this is valid not only for the entire economy, but also for individual companies. However, despite the... more


11.08.2009: Thirty years ago, TA Triumph-Adler launched the successful alphatronic PC range

The personal computer has revolutionised office and business life. One of the very first PCs available in Germany was the TA Triumph-Adler alphatronic, in 1979. The alphatronic... more


29.07.2009: Document business specialist introduces ‘James’ – its new service concept

‘James’ is the name of the unique new document management service concept from TA Triumph-Adler. With this concept, the specialist in efficient document business now has an... more


23.07.2009: TA Triumph-Adler is a market leader

TA Triumph-Adler AG, the specialist in efficiency in the document business, recently celebrated an important milestone with the installation of its 200,000th printer and copier... more


25.06.2009: TA Triumph-Adler is a sponsor of the historical exhibition about Clärenore Stinnes’ journey around the world

Extreme heat in the Syrian Desert, swampland on the way to Novosibirsk and impassable terrain in the Andes. When Clärenore Stinnes became the first person to drive around the... more


24.06.2009: Facts and information - Triumph-Adler foundation "Triumph für Kinder"

The foundation was established in 1996 by the former Chairman Dr. Raimund König to mark the 100-year company anniversary of Triumph-Adler AG. It was given the name "Kinder in Not" more


24.06.2009: Brief profile - Triumph-Adler foundation "Triumph für Kinder"

Together with well-established, competent partners, the Triumph-Adler foundation "Triumph für Kinder" supports long-term, exemplary projects which have wide-ranging impact in the field of early childh more


24.06.2009: To prevent poverty from taking root:
Education – as early as possible

The first three sponsored projects supported by the Triumph-Adler foundation "Triumph für Kinder" are run by the Nuremberg "Alliance for the Family". more


24.06.2009: The "Triumph für Kinder" foundation presents long-term support projects in Nuremberg

The Triumph-Adler "Triumph für Kinder" foundation has been supporting children in need since it was founded in 1996. more


15.06.2009: Outsourcing of document management increases competitiveness in a time of crisis

Business owners often pay far more than they need to for the printing, faxing, copying, scanning and archiving of documents. Constantly increasing document flows are causing... more


02.06.2009: TA Triumph-Adler demonstrates solutions for efficient management in the healthcare sector

The experts attending the Capital Congress on Medicine and Health 2009 to discuss future developments in healthcare were all agreed that the sector is facing significant... more


26.05.2009: High-tech solution from TA Triumph-Adler makes digital data processing child’s play

The secret is out... Companies that archive their documents digitally achieve costs savings of up to 70 per cent compared with storing records in paper form. Yet experts reckon... more


18.05.2009: Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung triumphs over cost pressure in publishing

The growth of the Internet as a source of information and changes in the reading habits of newspaper readers mean that newspaper publishers have to deal with constantly... more


07.05.2009: TA Triumph-Adler offers solutions to deal with increasing cost pressure in care facilities

The theme of the 5th National Conference for Health Economy, which recently took place in Rostock, was ‘Successful Ageing – Meeting the Challenge of Demographic Change in the... more


27.04.2009: TA Triumph-Adler expands its business interests in Austria

'Aufbruch 2010!' is the name of the programme for growth launched by Nuremberg-based firm TA Triumph-Adler AG. One of the key elements of this programme is expansion of the... more


22.04.2009: TA Triumph-Adler acquires MS Farbdrucklösungen in Schorndorf

As part of its 'Aufbruch 2010!' programme for growth, Nuremberg-based company TA Triumph-Adler AG is investing in colour technologies to expand its business. The subsidiary TA... more


16.04.2009: Alloheim Senioren-Residenzen modernises its output management with the help of TA Triumph-Adler

Alloheim Senioren-Residenzen GmbH is a leading provider of private care facilities. For the past 25 years, the company has been involved in the provision of all forms of care.... more


03.03.2009: TA Triumph-Adler optimises the document business of Deutsche Woolworth

It took just five weeks for TA Triumph-Adler Corporate Consulting GmbH (TA-CCO) to completely modernise the output management of DWW Deutsche Woolworth GmbH. As a result of... more


05.02.2009: TA Triumph-Adler chief Robert Feldmeier gives companies tips for reducing their costs

Paper mountains, mail backlogs, endless archives – these are all typical examples of hidden cost drivers in businesses. Managing these hidden office cost drivers can cost... more


16.12.2008: Diakonie Michaelshoven: More time and money for patient care thanks to the innovative TA Triumph-Adler solution

Lack of money continues to be a problem in social services organisations. To save money, cost-effective and efficient solutions for administrative tasks are crucial. TA... more


20.01.2009: TA Triumph-Adler realises new output solution for Cologne-based publishing house

The world’s leading economists all agree that the effects of the economic crisis will deepen in 2009. Media enterprises will most certainly be among those affected. Experts... more


09.12.2008: Tackling the financial crisis in hospitals

German clinics and hospitals have not had to operate under such difficult conditions for a long time, with almost one in every three institutions reporting losses and almost... more


27.11.2008: The traditional brand plans expansion across Europe

Robert Feldmeier, Spokesman of the Management Board of TA Triumph-Adler, views the announcement of the increased shareholding by Kyocera Mita Corporation, Osaka, Japan, in the... more


24.11.2008: Faster, higher, further – TA Triumph-Adler implements efficient document processes in the logistics business

Heilbronn-based firm Andreas Christ GmbH has joined the many other logistics service providers who rely on a new type of output management. The project is being implemented by... more


18.11.2008: Kyocera Mita announces takeover offer for TA Triumph-Adler AG at EUR 1.90 per share

Extended co-operation aims to facilitate expansion opportunities for TA Triumph-Adler’s Direct Sales across the whole of Europe under its own brand.... more


03.11.2008: How TA Triumph-Adler AG succeeded in refinancing

Dr. Bernd Köhler, CFO of TA Triumph-Adler AG, will be speaking on the topic of ‘Exploring the options for complete refinancing’ at the ‘Structured Finance’ conference at the... more


31.10.2008: Visitors to the exhibition can write texts using antique typewriters

TA Triumph-Adler AG is taking part in a unique initiative by the Staatstheater Nürnberg. The project, entitled ‘AE:G – ArbeitsEnde:Gestern’, examines at the experiences,... more


27.10.2008: TA Triumph-Adler West opens three new offices in North Rhine-Westphalia

TA Triumph-Adler West GmbH is on the road to success with three new offices in Kaarst, Bocholt and Aachen. The TA Triumph-Adler AG subsidiary has taken over these locations... more


22.10.2008: Partnership with T-Systems facilitates an extended portfolio of products and services

For individual printing solutions, state-of-the-art hardware and intelligent software solutions – Triumph-Adler AG is the specialist when it comes to efficiency in the document... more


15.10.2008: Hertha BSC opts for efficiency in the document business

The positive trend continues – football club Hertha BSC follows the Bundesliga in its choice of document management solution. TA Triumph-Adler Corporate Consulting GmbH... more


09.10.2008: Uncovering hidden costs – putting document management to the test

Times are hard for hospitals and clinical practices. They are faced with the problem of rising costs and restricted revenues. For example, health insurers continue to pay a... more


07.10.2008: Document management across multiple sites for Getrag

Getrag Corporate Group, a worldwide leading provider of transmission and drivetrain systems, is adapting its document management structure to its international corporate... more


30.09.2008: Süddeutscher Verlag opts for a TA Triumph-Adler solution

New large-scale contract for TA Triumph-Adler Corporate Consulting GmbH (TA-CCO). Süddeutsche Verlag has handed over the organisation of all output document management... more


16.09.2008: Document business specialists win the red dot communication design award 2008

TA Triumph-Adler AG has received the red dot design award in the communication design category – a first for the Nuremberg-based company. The awards are one of the biggest and... more


09.09.2008: Efficient document business reduces costs in healthcare

Around one out of every three euro spent in offices goes towards the printing, faxing and copying of documents. This is particularly true of the healthcare sector, with an... more


04.09.2008: With TA-CCO, key account customers can expect significant document management cost savings

What do Bundesliga football club Hertha BSC, publishing house Süddeutsche Verlag and German Association of Cities hospital buying group Einkaufsgemeinschaft Kommunaler... more


28.08.2008: DJH Association relies on total service in the document business

The German Youth Hostel Association, which next year celebrates its 100th anniversary, relies on the document business specialists at TA Triumph-Adler West GmbH for the... more


21.08.2008: Successful event attracts 270 visitors:
The newly founded company TA Hessen-Thüringen GmbH knows exactly what it’s all about

The first entrepreneur event hosted by the new company TA Triumph-Adler Hessen-Thüringen GmbH set a high standard. 270 visitors attended the event… more


03.07.2008: TA Triumph-Adler hands over historically significant company document to the Nuremberg City Archives

Robert Feldmeier, Spokesman of the Management Board of TA Triumph-Adler, today handed over an historical company document to Dr. Michael Diefenbacher, Director of the Nuremberg... more


01.07.2008: TA Triumph-Adler Corporate Consulting expands in German cities/New service for key account customers

On July 1, 2008, TA Triumph-Adler Corporate Consulting GmbH (TA-CCO) opened new sales offices in Hamburg, Munich and Berlin. The company, which is headquartered in Bonn, is... more


29.05.2008: Office communication technology from TA Triumph-Adler ensures that the tournament runs smoothly

TA Triumph-Adler Baden-Württemberg GmbH, specialist for efficiency in the document business, will be on hand this week when top male tennis players from around the world take... more


26.05.2008: TA Triumph-Adler Corporate Consulting GmbH receives award for outstanding customer care

TA Triumph-Adler Corporate Consulting GmbH in Bonn currently has plenty of reasons to celebrate. The specialists in efficiency in the document business have been recognised as... more


20.05.2008: Famous Adler company emblem created by the Bauhaus founder

Walter Gropius, who created architectural history with the foundation of Bauhaus, was born 125 years ago this month. Gropius’ talents extended... more


19.05.2008: TA Triumph-Adler Corporate Consulting GmbH wins large-scale contracts and expands nationwide

Led by Managing Director Frank Eismann, TA Triumph-Adler Corporate Consulting GmbH (TA-CCO) has successfully acquired a number of major new customers... more


Sale-and-lease-back of a brand: How a good reputation helps increase liquidity

The sale-and-lease-back of intangible assets as a cornerstone of modern corporate financing more


Grundig merged Triumph and Adler

Max Grundig, who was without doubt one of the greatest figures in German post-war history, would have been 100 more


28.04.2008: TA Triumph-Adler wins the second largest hospital in Hesse as a customer:

Around 650 clinics and hospitals across Germany are already making significant savings in the area of document business with the help of Triumph-Adler AG, and others are following suit. Bonn... more


13.03.2008: It’s not just in the Bundesliga that things are going well for the Werkself or ‘Factory Squad’, as Bayer 04 Leverkusen are known:

Success all along the line for Bayer 04 Leverkusen. Ever since this team in Germany’s Bundesliga has been working with the Bonn office of TA Triumph-Adler Corporate Consulting... more


04.03.2008: Consistent path to growth:

Following the takeover of CKV Neukötter GmbH a few weeks ago, TA Triumph-Adler AG has already sealed its second acquisition in quick succession. On March 1, the document... more


13.02.2008: 110 years ago, a legend was born:

In his Adler factories in Frankfurt, Heinrich Kleyer is the first in Germany to begin factory production of typewriters in 1898. The improvements he makes to American patents... more


06.02.2008: Largest hardware audit in company history:

A large-scale contract for TA Triumph-Adler Corporate Consulting GmbH in Bonn. The specialist in efficiency in the document business is carrying out a company hardware audit... more


Nuremberg, January 8, 2008 – New acquisitions bring TA Triumph-Adler even closer to customers

Nuremberg, January 8, 2008 – By the end of 2007 TA Triumph-Adler AG had taken a further step towards becoming the leading consulting specialists in document business. The... more


Nuremberg, November 23, 2007 – TA Triumph-Adler AG ploughs ahead with its course of expansion

The purchase of Weimbs Büro- und Kommunikationstechnik GmbH marks a further successful step in TA Triumph-Adler AG’s growth strategy. The specialist trading company is to be... more


21.11.2007: Karlsruhe Archiving Days 2007: TA Triumph-Adler provides solutions for the archiving of digital documents

New methods, concepts and developments in the field of digital document archiving will be the focus of the Karlsruhe Archiving Days, which are to take place in the Karlsruhe... more


Nuremberg, November 6, 2007 – TA Triumph-Adler makes important contribution to MTG’s prizewinning IT concept

The panel of experts from Computerwoche voted for the IT concept of MTG Malteser Trägergesellschaft gGmbH (MTG) as the winner among 94 candidates in the ‘IT Performance’... more


23.10.2007: TA Triumph-Adler knows what the economy is all about

Working economically is the key to success. The ways in which companies can increase their efficiency and optimise their workflows were demonstrated to around 110 visitors at... more


18.10.2007: Finance magazine awards prize to TA Triumph-Adler AG:

New impact for a traditional brand – under the leadership of Robert Feldmeier, Spokesman of the Management Board of TA Triumph-Adler AG, the Nuremberg company completed its... more


08.10.2007: A new name for competence and success

Bonn, October 8, 2007 – TA Triumph-Adler Rheinland Consulting GmbH becomes TA Triumph-Adler Corporate Consulting GmbH, or TA Corporate Consulting for short. The new name of the... more


25.09.2007: Positive results from TA Triumph-Adler involvement in documenta

Just under 4,000 visitors and more than 55,000 copies – the final total for the documenta 12 project “The Making of Your Magazines” (TMoYM), with which the organisers described... more


11.09.2007: ‘Hospital Management in the Future’ symposium

2.5 km patient files in the space of an A3 sheet of paper – digital document administration from TA Triumph-Adler saves time and money Success is measured by how profitably a... more


28.08.2007: Service at TA Triumph-Adler has a new name

Schwerin, August 28, 200 7 – Change in management at TSS Technical Service & Support GmbH. The new Managing Director of the TA Triumph-Adler subsidiary is Christoph Ostendorf.... more


13.08.2007: No half-measures – TA Triumph-Adler Rheinland Consulting GmbH wins more key accounts

No half-measures TA Triumph-Adler Rheinland Consulting GmbH wins further key accounts. Successes in key account management (KAM) consolidate additional growth for TA... more


11.06.2007: No wings without roots: 111 years of TA Triumph-Adler

From the typewriter to digital document management TA Triumph-Adler can look back on an eventful history, and one during which the Nuremberg company has always been able to... more


27.06.2007: TA Triumph-Adler sells presentation und media technology divisions

Nuremberg, June 27, 2007 – With effect from July 1, 2007, Bandermann Büroelectronic is taking over the presentation and media technology (PMT) sections of TA Triumph-Adler AG... more


12.06.2007: More time and space to be creative

Kassel, June 12, 2007 – What makes a humane working culture, and how will the working world develop in the future? These are the questions around which TA Triumph-Adler AG and... more


04.06.2007: Dramatic growth in the document business

Bonn/Nuremberg, June 4, 2007 – The upwards trend at TA Triumph-Adler AG continues unabated. This was the recent verdict from the Bonn subsidiary TA Triumph-Adler Rheinland... more


15.05.2007: Document business specialists win Deutsche Leasing AG as a customer

Bonn/Bad Homburg, May 15, 2007 – Efficiency, planning reliability and rapid availability – in the financial services sector these requirements extend beyond the work of the... more


Nuremberg, May 3, 2007 – Acquisitions are the latest step in the continuation of the document business specialists’ successful growth strategy

Nuremberg, May 3, 2007 – Acquisitions are the latest step in the continuation of the document business specialists’ successful growth strategy more


29.03.2007: More sales via effective consulting

TA Triumph-Adler AG once again on course for success: According to the ‘INFO-MARKT’ industry service (editions 05/07), the specialists in efficient document business together... more


16.03.2007: TA Triumph-Adler subsidiary UTAX gets top rating amongst specialist dealers

TA Triumph-Adler AG has reason to be cheerful: UTAX GmbH, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Nuremberg specialists in efficient document business, successfully established itself... more


23.02.2007: A map through the document maze – DIDO ensures efficient workflows

Many companies are frequently unprepared, or not sufficiently prepared, for electronic archiving of documents as required by law (principle of data access and verification of... more


18.01.2007: Ready to roll – TA Triumph-Adler comes to the silver screen

Modern office communication is not the only place that TA Triumph-Adler products play a leading role. They are also in demand on the silver screen... more


17.01.2007: The document specialist takes over another specialist dealer in Düsseldorf

Nuremberg, January 17, 2007. TA Triumph-Adler took over the famed specialist distribution company Unikopie in Düsseldorf on January 2, 2007 and thereby continued to pursue its... more

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