HyPAS Applications

Hybrid Platform for Advanced Solutions (HyPAS) is a powerful software development environment that optimises the performance of select TA Triumph-Adler MFPs. TA Triumph-Adler ’s HyPAS platform is "hybrid" in that MFP capabilities can be enhanced by TA Triumph-Adler using the Java™ Software Development Kit (SDK) and Web Services SDK.

As one of the world’s leading document solution providers, Kyocera, our Technology Partner has pioneered the development of business applications that set the standard in document workflow customisation. The goal: harness the power of TA Triumph-Adler MFPs and scalable HyPAS technology to build personalised applications that turn otherwise complex workflows into simple processes.

SmartScan & SmartFax

Provide a secure print release system without the need for a separate print server. more

Teaching Assistant

Streamline the task of printing, grading and analysing multiple-choice tests. more

QuickPrint SMB

Access and print documents stored and managed in a central location, direct from the MFP. Ensuring version control and easy access to documents. more

PinPoint Scan

PinPoint Scan searches the network to find the PC associated with specific user PINs and scans directly to it. more

Language Select

Enhance the usability of your MFP and increase efficiency within international offices with Language Select. more

Colour Control

Reduce consumable spend in your business by providing open access to black & white copying and restricting colour copying to only those who need it. more

Cloud Connect

Reach into the Cloud directly from your MFP, including Google Drive and Evernote. more