Toner - Safety

Genuine TA Triumph-Adler toner is designed to meet the different requirements of our systems. The use of genuine TA Triumph-Adler toner in your TA Triumph-Adler device ensures expected print performance – resulting in less print waste, advertised print volumes, less technical issues and fewer service call-outs – resulting in lower CO2 footprint.

Modern toners also deliver reduced energy consumption due to a lower fusing temperature, which in turn results in lower TEC values. Furthermore, a more dense, even toner supply results in less toner waste.

TA Triumph-Adler original toner is neither toxic nor carcinogenic. This is confirmed by the AMES test as outlined in the safety data sheets provided for each of our products. In fact our original toners meet all the requirements set by EU Directives and by the Ordinance on Hazardous Substances and are regularly tested for compliance with standards which are relevant to occupational health and safety. Furthermore, a number of our advanced multifunctional devices and printers, use a closed toner system which precludes any direct contact with the toner and leaves no toner residues at all.