Toner-Waste Disposal

As a toner manufacturer under the UK WEEE Regulations, TA Triumph-Adler UK/ UTAX (UK) Ltd complies with its Producer Obligations and operate a ‘take back and recycle’ scheme for used toner cartridges, containing an electronic chip and placed on the market by TA Triumph-Adler UK/ UTAX (UK) LTD after 13th Aug 2005. Used toner cartridges will be disposed of responsibly, without going into landfill, and as many components as possible recycled into re-useable materials.

To request disposal of genuine TA Triumph-Adler used toner cartridges (purchased in the UK after 13th August 2005) click here.
Please note – only those toner containers that include an electronic chip device or display the “crossed out wheelie bin” symbol are eligible to be recycled under our WEEE scheme. For a list of toner container models that do not contain an electronic chip, click here.

If you are a TA Triumph-Adler customer  you can now purchase a 'Used Toner Recycling Box' - offering you an easy and efficient way in which to recycle your old TA Triumph-Adler used toner cartridges and waste toner tanks.
These boxes carry a charge of £23.07 which includes the return postage cost once full.

For further information please email